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7/12/17 – Unleashing Creativity at Sedgebrook

6/22/17 – New Fitness Specialist Builds Strength in Relationships

5/23/17 – “Old Boys” Swept Up in Curling

4/25/17 – Activities Team Puts Fun First at Radford Green

3/21/17 – Exercise Across America 2017

2/16/17 – Special Needs Teens Get Internships at Sedgebrook Through Project Search

2/6/17 – Sedgebrook Residents Exercise Their Way Across America

12/1/16 – Radford Green at Sedgebrook Among The Very Best

11/17/16 – New Besties Forever at Sedgebrook

10/25/16 – Sedgebrook to Host Expert On What Will Affect Us All: Memory Care

10/11/16 – 4th Grader Enthusiastic About His Grandmother’s Move to Sedgebrook

9/19/16 – Suburban Vascular Neurologist Talks About Strokes to Senior Living Community

9/6/16 – New Sales Director Delighted to Stay in Sedgebrook Family

8/26/16 – Summer Olympics at Sedgebrook

8/16/16 – Sedgebrook shows gratitude for local police department

5/19/16 – Sedgebrook’s New Fitness Specialist Exercises Social Approach

4/26/16 – Sedgebrook Resident In Running For National Art Prize

4/1/16 – A Year Later, “Senior Directions” Panel Really Going Places

3/30/16 – Residents Participate in Exercise Across America Program

3/14/16 – WCIU – Love Story Featuring Residents Howard and Arlene

3/7/16 – WCIU – Love Story Featuring Residents Miriam and Marty

2/19/16 – Chicago Tribune Primetime – Hanging with Cupid: An inside view of some long-lasting marriages

2/9/16 – Chicago Tribune -Sedgebrook Couple Finds Love Is Ageless

1/26/16 – Daily Herald – Music Brings Out The Heart In Seniors

1/11/16 – Buffalo Grove Patch – Sedgebrook Hires New Spiritual Wellness Coordinator

12/4/15 – Daily Herald – Harvest Bistro Unveiled at Sedgebrook

11/24/15 – McKnights Senior Living – Radford Green Gains New Administrator

10/7/15 – Chicago Tribune – The Rx for a Happy Retirement

9/17/15 – – Best Places For Retirees

9/10/15 – TribLocal – Sedgebrook Celebrates Diversity

8/17/15 – Libertyville Patch – Sedgebrook Seniors Log Thousands of Hours in Fitness Challenge

8/5/15 – PRWeb – Sedgebrook Trailblazers Tread New Ground on Chicago’s New 606 Path

7/6/15 – Buffalo Grove Patch – After 65 Years, Sedgebrook’s Al Brandwein Amazes Fellow Residents With Rediscovered Ability To Draw Portraits

6/29/15 – Daily Herald – Sedgebrook resident’s book looks at life as a spy

6/19/15 – Chicago Tribune PrimeTime – Early and late baby boomers compare notes

6/9/15 – Chicago Tribune – New Sedgebrook Fitness Center Manager Aims To Help Residents Climb High

4/22/15 Libertyville Patch-Lisl Bogart, Resident of Sedgebrook, Educates Children and Adults About The Holocaust and Warns of Dangers of Prejudice

3/25/15 PR Web-Lucky Number Seven

3/21/15 Chicago Tribune PrimeTime-A Good Fit: Keys To Right Sizing Into a Smaller Space

3/17/15 TribLocal-Rookie defeats ex-classmate in Sedgebrook spelling

3/2/15 TribLocal-Traveling Panel Sheds Light on Senior Health Care

2/2/15 Daily Herald-Sedgebrook Jump-Starts Its Residents’ Fitness Goals for 2015

1/13/15 Buffalo Grove Patch-Sedgebrook’s Squires Club Honors Lambs Farm Partnership

11/21/14 Daily Herald-Sedgebrook Woodworker Brings New Life to Old Finds

11/10/14 Arlington Heights TribLocal-Honor Flight a High Point For Woman Veteran at Sedgebrook

11/7/14 Chicago Tribune PrimeTime-Holiday Cheer

10/22/14 Highland Park Patch-Sedgebrook Residents Pumping Iron

10/3/14 Daily Herald-Sedgebrook Alzheimer’s Walk

8/25/14 Buffalo Grove Patch-Spelling Bee Champ Places Accent on Life at Sedgebrook

8/18/14 McKnight’s Long-Term Care News-Youth and Seniors Bond at Sedgebrook

7/17/14 Daily Herald-Staff and Residents Share Family Ties at Sedgebrook-Radford Green

6/30/14 Libertyville Patch-Youth-Senior Bonds Abloom at Sedgebrook

5/13/14 TribLocal-Arlington Heights-New Sedgebrook Resident Finds Friendly Faces from the Past

5/8/14 Lincolnshire Sun Times-‘Orchid Doctor’ Returns To His Lincolnshire Roots

5/7/14 Buffalo Grove Patch-“U.S. News and World Report” Names Radford Green at Sedgebrook One of The Best Nursing Homes

3/6/14 Lincolnshire Sun Times-Lincolnshire Area Seniors Add Up Marathon Miles

3/6/14 Lincolnshire Sun Times-Lincolnshire Area Seniors Add Up Marathon Miles

2/3/14 Lincolnshire TribLocal-Lifelong Friendship Fuels Sedgebrook Resident’s Heart for Volunteering

1/20/14 Buffalo Grove TribLocal-Sisters Share Family Ties and New Life at Sedgebrook

12/27/13 Daily Herald-Children’s Book About Loss a Gain For Readers of All Ages

12/20/13 Buffalo Grove Patch-Sedgebrook’s Onsite Medical Team a Rare, Rich Resource

12/05/13 Daily Herald-Holidays at Sedgebrook in Lincolnshire Celebrate Diversity

10/09/13 Lincolnshire TribLocal-Professional Staff at Sedgebrook and Radford Green Health Care and Rehabilitation of Sedgebrook Fight Alzheimer’s

09/12/13 Chicago Tribune Primetime-A Masculine Move

08/19/13 Lake Forest TribLocal-Sedgebrook Trailblazers Make Strides In Health and Well-Being

07/09/13 Buffalo Grove Patch-Compassionate Care at Radford Green Eases Adult Children’s Worries

06/27/13 Daily Herald-On 60th Anniversary of Corvette, Car Lover Still Has Style

05/09/13 Chicago Tribune-Retirement Communities Go with a Variety of Options for Healthy Eating

04/23/13 Chicago TriLocal-Radford Green at Sedgebrook to Host Grand Opening Celebration

04/19/13 Chicago TribLocal-Sedgebrook hosts Illinois State Senior Spelling Bee

03/15/13 Daily Herald-Rehabilitation for Young Patient a Tall Order

02/06/13 Buffalo Grove Patch-Radford Green Receives Alzheimer’s Certification

01/17/13 Daily Herald-Generations Forge Connections at Sedgebrook

11/16/12 Daily Herald-Veterans honored at Sedgebrook

11/09/12 Daily Herald-Sedgebrook hosts CapTel presentation

10/15/12 Daily Herald-Sedgebrook raises money to fight Alzheimer’s

9/21/12 Daily Herald-Radford Green advances a runner

8/28/12 Daily Herald-Radford Green scores 5-stars

7/27/12 Lincolnshire Sun Times-Sedgebrook to host summer games

7/6/12 Chicago Tribune-Senior communities keep flexible, stay on the forefront of changing needs