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Move-In Services

Less Stress, More Positive Energy

Packing up and moving is never easy to contemplate, even when you’re looking forward to making the change. That’s where our Moving by Design program comes in.

From the moment you make your decision to join us at Sedgebrook until the last box is unpacked, we provide expert assistance that is tailored to you by your very own personal moving consultant.

Selling your house – the shortest distance to a sale.

So you’ve made up your mind to move to Sedgebrook. Typically, the next step is to sell your current residence.

Your Moving Consultant is qualified to assist you with every aspect of the process, from obtaining current market values in your area, to helping expedite appraisals and repairs. He can suggest trusted resources for selling your home quickly and advantageously and recommend reliable packers and movers.

Need a few tips on curb appeal? Or some experienced help deciphering closing documents and other financial paperwork? How about advice on funding and payment options? He’s been there before and now he’s here for you.

Downsizing can be uplifting.

Your house is filled with some special things you may want to bring. It’s also filled with a certain number of things you haven’t looked at or used in years. What to take? What to donate?

Your Moving Consultant can help you make tricky decisions and offer creative solutions for furnishing your new Sedgebrook apartment home, simply by looking at the floor plan and mapping it out with you beforehand. Moving by Design can help arrange for the sale, donation or removal of unwanted items.

You may discover that more possessions fit into your new abode than you’d expected. Or, like many of our residents, you may find that moving “light” opens the door to a fresh start and new décor. Feel free to use our experience to your advantage.

Move-in smart and settle in smoothly.

Devising a realistic timeline for packing, identifying a reputable mover, and unpacking in your new apartment home are so much simpler when everything is organized and anticipated. That’s what makes your Move-In Consultant so indispensable.

He’ll make sure you have the help you need until the last box is unpacked and the last closet straightened up. He’ll even introduce you to neighbors, so you can start settling into your new community sooner.

We can’t totally eliminate the stress of moving, but with our Moving by Design program, we can do a very good job of minimizing it. That’s pretty much the essence of life here at Sedgebrook. If we can find a way to make an experience more pleasant for you, we will.

For more information, call Joseph Jania, our Move-In Consultant, at 1-847-876-2116. Or e-mail him at