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Monarch Landing In Motion

Spotlight on Successful Aging

New Hope for Alzheimer’s Disease

Break-through medical research looks promising in the fight against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. New treatments, including that known as C31, is “exciting stuff” said Dr. Elliott Kroger, the medical director at Sedgebrook. During Dr. Kroger’s May 25th presentation to more than 100 residents and guests, he explained that it’s a new type of […]

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To Stay or Not to Stay?

Our homes are our sanctuary and our comfort zone… the place where memories were made, futures planned and dreams dreamt. Moving away from that special place is not only difficult, it can be downright emotional. Because of that special attachment, it’s no surprise that the decision to make a future move is often delayed, sometimes […]

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Memory And The Power Of Music

Music has long bolstered the spirits of humanity, and touches every culture, dating back thousands of years, signifying the affinity humans have with melody and harmony. We all have anecdotal stories of how music impacts our lives, especially memory. Think of when a song plays in a car radio and it can instantly transport you […]

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Look Out! Older Driver on the Road!

We see older drivers on the road everyday. You have your own visual rolling around in your heads, I’m sure, as this group of drivers has certainly endured its share of jokes and jabs since… well, since people began driving cars. It’s a popular belief that older drivers cause more accidents than their younger counterparts. […]

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