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Moving Services

Your Personal Move-In Consultant is also an expert on helping you move. Just say the word and he’ll offer creative suggestions on how to best fit your possessions into your new Sedgebrook home, just by looking at your floor plan and helping you map it out. He will be equally valuable in helping you create a realistic moving timeline, identifying a reliable moving company in your area, and overseeing the packing, move-out and clean-up process. There’s an art to keeping the entire moving process on track and proceeding efficiently, and your Personal Move-In Consultant has mastered it!

And, his support doesn’t end when the moving van pulls away.

Your Consultant will welcome you to Sedgebrook by making sure you have any help you may need to unpack and neaten up. Not to mention introducing you to some of your new neighbors and, perhaps, a very welcome cup of tea!

We can’t totally eliminate the stress of moving, but we do a good job of minimizing it. That’s pretty much the essence of life here at Sedgebrook. If we can find a way to make an experience more pleasant for you, we will.

Funding a Faster Move-In

Rather than delay moving until closing on their home and having capital freed up, many of our residents take advantage of a specially designed Promissory Note to help them get into their Sedgebrook home in a more timely fashion.

Ask your Lifestyle Counselor for more details on how our Promissory Note works to your advantage. It may be just what it takes to move in on your timetable, instead of someone else’s.