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Medical Care

The Reassurance That Your Health Is in Excellent Hands

As you consider moving to a Senior Living Community, lifestyle and amenities are undoubtedly important. But easy access to reliable, high-quality health care may be even more essential to your security and peace of mind.

We’re pleased to say that one of the most exceptional on-campus amenities we offer at Sedgebrook is our renowned, comprehensive continuing care services program.

As a Sedgebrook resident, you’ll benefit from expert primary care provided by our team of nationally recognized, board-certified, full-time physicians and staff—including 24-hour coverage for emergencies. With so many years of experience delivering health care to older adults, our staff is familiar with and responsive to your particular concerns.

Your doctor’s office is located right inside the main building. Bad weather? Never a problem. We’re just a few steps and a few minutes away from your door. Under the weather? Local pharmacies deliver directly to your apartment.

Exceptional care, no inconveniences.

If you need immediate attention, in many cases the Medical Practice will be able to arrange a same day appointment. If you require specialized care, a variety of specialists practice here regularly. And, in a crisis or accident, our expert emergency medical response team is trained to respond within approximately three minutes. You’ll never have to wait for an outside responder.

Advanced care, old-fashioned attention.

The Medical Practice schedules only two appointments per hour, to leave more time for the doctor to answer questions, discuss care plans and develop a personal relationship with you. With only a few hundred patients, rather than the 2,000 served by the average physician, your doctor and medical staff will know and treat you as an individual.

At the same time, you’ll benefit from the most sophisticated diagnostic and technological advances. As an example: our electronic medical records system provides your health care team with instant, accurate and secure access to your medical history.

As in all other areas of life at Sedgebrook—if we can improve your experience, we will. It’s all part of our plan for a positive and healthy existence.